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Avalon Funeral Plans has launched a ground-breaking TV campaign starring John Cleese as the grim reaper.

The TV adverts will air in September and feature the 77-year-old Monty Python as ‘death’, giving a stark warning on the perils of ignoring your mortality.


When we were casting the star of our first ever TV commercial, we wanted someone who could talk about a ‘taboo’ subject with light-heartedness and compassion and someone who could play ‘death’ realistically – step forward John Cleese.

The 77-year-old national treasure was our first choice once we had got over the bold decision about talking about death in a funeral plan advert – you’ll notice no-one really does.

But we know you’re big enough and old enough to talk about death head on and after 20-years of steady growth, the time is right for us to spread the word on Avalon and let people know that they can buy a funeral plan at today’s prices, potentially saving their family and loved ones’ thousands of pounds in the future.

In our commercials, the former ‘Fawlty Towers’ and ‘Monty Python’ icon star is seen hanging up his scythe and making a cup of tea, then speaking direct to camera asking the viewers when they are planning to die and what they have done about it.

It is the second time the comedian and actor has been cast as ‘death’, he starred in the role for the award-winning 1983 movie ‘The Meaning of Life’ where he escorts victims to a Las Vegas style heaven and ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’, from the Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ film regularly appears in the top 10 of funeral songs.

Avalon is one of the most trusted and fastest-growing UK providers of pre-paid funeral plans with more than 25 years’ in the sector and we’ve largely grown through recommendation.

So why did we go down this route? Our Head of Marketing, Chris Millington explains: “We wanted a campaign that had a high impact and didn’t follow the industry norm because it’s time that people knew there is an alternative way to plan their funeral as costs are going up by five per cent every year.

“It’s a tough topic to talk about and the common-sense approach in our ads is to get people to consider their mortality without being sentimental or too emotional. John Cleese was our first choice as he is someone who our audience will relate too. We think he makes a very good grim reaper and he will have the desired effect in getting people to think about the issue.”

Eight out of 10 people in the UK aged over 50, don’t have specific funeral cover, according to research commissioned by us, which means they could be leaving loved ones in financial difficulty, even having to sell off assets at what is obviously a hugely distressing time for them.

With Avalon, you can buy the funeral you want, at today’s prices for a one-off payment or through instalments.

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