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Although nobody wants to think about it, planning your funeral in advance is a thoughtful and considerate way of sparing your family the emotional and financial burden of dealing with your funeral arrangements after you have passed away. If you’re worried your loved ones may not be able to afford your funeral or the cost could put them under financial pressure, you may have wondered if pre-paid funeral plans are a safe choice.  Avalon is registered to a professional body for funeral plan providers called the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA), which has a code of conduct that all of its members must comply with. As part of the code, the FPA’s members and the FPA itself pledge that if a provider goes bust they will look into paying for funerals that are covered by funeral plans. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also outlines rules to safeguard your money if it is placed in a trust or invested in an insurance policy. Our plans save financial and emotional stress, whilst over the longer term can provide significant savings. The plan will provide you with a detailed list of benefits and services and we will take care of the arrangements, so you will know exactly what you have in place. We make all the necessary arrangements, catered to your wishes. 

Our funeral plans are protected and regulated in line with Funeral Planning Authority rules, so many aspects of the funeral will be covered when the time comes and your family will be protected from the rising costs of funerals. Find out more about our selection of plans.

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The plan made everything go very smoothly

Samantha Cook, Hampshire

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