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The rise of the informal funeral

19th Aug 2015 | Europe Plans

According to research conducted this year by YouGov, we’re becoming increasingly informal in our approach to funerals.

There’s evidence of this change in the places we choose to hold funerals, how we announce them, the music we play at them and how we conduct them.

Fewer services are held in places of worship, perhaps reflecting how we view funerals as secular, rather than religious, affairs.

The number of people placing obituary notices in the print media is in rapid decline. This is due to the increasing use of the internet and social media.

Announcing a death and the subsequent funeral arrangements via Facebook and Twitter is more personal than a formal notice in a newspaper.

YouGov’s research found that one of the most popular funeral songs is Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. More than fifty per cent of us declare a preference for recorded music to be played at our funeral over traditional pieces performed on a church organ.

We’re also moving away from large processions, funeral cars and hearses in favour of more simple arrangements. Only half of funerals these days have order of service cards.

Instead of the formal, traditional funeral service, more and more of us are choosing a relaxed occasion to reflect our individual wishes and personalities.

With a pre paid funeral plan from Avalon, all your wishes will be respected, so you’ll get the send-off you want. You’ll also be able to set out what you want done with your ashes if you choose to be cremated.

You can purchase these plans in full with a single payment. Alternatively, choose between monthly instalments over a period of up to 10 years or fixed monthly payment, until the policy anniversary prior to your 90th birthday or death, if earlier.

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